July 4th, 2008


Sci-fi in our lives ili privet iz Chicago

Sitting in Chicago airport, connecting with ipod through free wi-fi...
it's just so cool!

this I'd how probably 19th sentiry Jules Verne's fans felt when they talked on wirephone first time in their lives
I used to read science fiction a lot when I was kid, all these "At the air transport station he put aside his laser blaster and taken out communicator out of one of many pockets of his hermetic suit, connected to the universe network and kept waitng for the Center to respond..."
and now here I am, with this funny little "communicator" in my hands, connecting to lj in order just to chat with you guys :)

Pravda russkih fontov ne hvataet :)))))

I'm going hooooooome!

Saying goodby to Seattle was difficult but looking forward for coming home is sweetening that saddness.